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Horseback Riding Tours - Pululahua Exploration Trail B - 1 Day

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Horseback Riding Tours
Pululahua Exploration Trail B - 2 Days

Duration: 2 Days
Level of difficulty: Beginners
Participants: 1 to 8 persons


These rides will take us from areas of traditional Andean agriculture to lush tropical vegetation, passing by eroded volcanic avalanches blooming with wild orchids, cloud forests, deep gorges and clear mountain streams. We will also find prehistoric ruins and interesting geological formations along our way. We get a good impression of the present and past of the country life in Ecuador, of its geology and botany. But most of all we'll discover the pleasure to explore healthy nature on horseback!

Please note: Tours can be shared with other groups

Horseback Riding Tours - Pululahua Exploration Trail B - 1 Day
Horseback Riding Tours - Pululahua Exploration Trail B - 1 Day
Horseback Riding Tours - Pululahua Exploration Trail B - 1 Day


Ride the Green Volcano Valley
Transport from Quito to the Green Horse Ranch inside the National Reserve Pululahua, about 40 miles north from Quito. Robust and amiable mountain horses will take us through the stunning landscape of this ancient volcanic crater with its constantly changing sceneries and huge bio-diversity. 6-km diameter make it the biggest volcanic crater on the American continent, and it is also one of only two inhabited craters world-wide. Riding time on the first day about 4 hours, on the second day about 5 hours.

Prices 2014 per person: $243,10 per person (based on a minimum of 2 people)

The Price includes:

  • transport from and to Quito
  • an accompanying provisions vehicle for the whole tour
  • transportation of the horses
  • accommodation for one night
  • your horse and its equipment
  • the tour guide and helpers
  • tours of the natural reserves

Doesn't include:

  • travel insurance
  • breakfast of the first / dinner of the last day
  • drinks
  • tips
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