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Horseback Riding Tours - The Hummingbird Trail - 4 Days

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Horseback Riding Tours
The Hummingbird Trail - 4 Days

Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights (also 5 days possible)
Level of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced
Participants: 2 to 8 persons


We will be crossing different climate zones and the temperature on the Equator drops steeply at sundown. Calculate a temperature variation between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. Both light and warm clothes are therefore a must.

The best equipped wear light, long-sleeved tops during the day (these provide protection from sun and insect bites, too). A sweatshirt, pullover or fleece jacket are required for the cooler parts. Furthermore you should bring a jacket (Gore-Tex or similar), rain gear, a hat with brim, swimming suite, small towel, flip-flop shoes and riding/trekking boots with a good grip.

Please note: Tours can be shared with other groups.

Horseback Riding Tours - The Hummingbird Trail - 4 Days
Horseback Riding Tours - The Hummingbird Trail - 4 Days
Horseback Riding Tours - The Hummingbird Trail - 4 Days


Day 1: Transport from Quito to the Green Horse Ranch inside the ancient crater and National Reserve Pululahua with its big selection of beautiful sceneries. Once on our horses, we enter a tropical climate with a lot of bamboo, sugar cane and banana trees along the way, until we start climbing gently but continually in order to leave the crater to the south-west. On our trail up the mountain, we only come across a few small farmhouses, where the highland farmers scratch a meagre income from the steep, infertile land beside the forest.

Day 2: We'll be riding across the Valley of Nono, along green, hilly pastures, passing several stately farms, where we can observe fighting bulls and flower crop for exportation, getting a good impression about present and past of the country. Some extensive canters along fields and pastures make our way shorter this time. This picturesque valley is also the home and breading place of many beautiful horses. Drawing closer to Pichincha volcano, which towers above us at almost 4800 m, we begin our trek along the Northwest side to the tiny, colonial village of Nono, where rustical country-style-suits with a beautiful view over the valley await us.

Day 3: Today we leave Nono, climbing up to the edge of the paramo grassland, catching views on the ashy slopes of Pichincha Volcano and the surrounding valleys. After crossing a ridge that divides the Interandean Valley from the Pacific Andean slopes, we start heading downhill into a lush green region of virgin forests studded with waterfalls toward Tandayapa. Once back on the road, we say goodbye to the horses and shall meet our accompanying vehicle that brings us up the rest of way to Bellavista nature reserve, where hundreds of hummingbirds have found their home. We'll be welcomed into a comfortable lodge. From the balcony of our shared room, we can enjoy a breath-taking view far over the cloud forest and listen to the sound of exotic birds.

Day 4: After a hearty breakfast, a tour of Bellavista reserve is open to whoever wishes. Self-guided maps help you to design your adventure through this Andean jungle. We have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the variety of plant- and bird-life, before our accompanying vehicle will bring us back to Quito after lunch.

Horseback Riding Tours - The Hummingbird Trail - 4 Days Horseback Riding Tours - The Hummingbird Trail - 4 Days Horseback Riding Tours - The Hummingbird Trail - 4 Days
Prices 2014 per person: $751, 40 per person (based on a minimum of 2 people)

The Price includes:

  • transport from and to Quito
  • an accompanying provisions vehicle for the whole tour
  • transportation of the horses
  • accommodation for 3 nights
  • your horse and its equipment
  • the tour guide and helpers
  • tours of the natural reserves

Doesn't include:

  • travel insurance
  • breakfast of the first / dinner of the last day
  • drinks
  • tips
Note: This trip can be designed as a 5-day-ride, combining it with the Pululahua Exploration Trail A (+ USD120)
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